Budget Review

This website provides updates and information about UMD’s budget and structural review plan. The overall goal of this work is to build a sustainable budget model for UMD. Long-term stability begins with reversing our enrollment declines, finding additional cost savings and productivity enhancements, and pursuing new revenue streams while growing some existing ones.

In doing this work, we will continue to follow an analytical and decision-making framework that prioritizes student success and support, maintains academic excellence, is collaborative, and leverages resources and support from the U of M System.

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Highlighted Initatives

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Academic Program Array Analysis (APAA)

Academic program array analysis (APAA) is the planning and review initiative for undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Student Success Initiative

This initiative, co-led by associate vice chancellors Jeremy Leiferman and Trevor Eagle, is designed to be expansive and comprehensive in nature, bringing together faculty, staff, and students, and administrators from across the four major UMD units (academic affairs, chancellor’s units, finance and operations, and student life). The goal of the project is to to identify cross functional integration across campus that will lead to better student outcomes in and out of the classroom.

Optimize Financial Aid

UMD seeks to employ a qualified consulting firm to provide a recruitment scholarship and aid optimization solution that will assess the effectiveness of current awarding strategies and model alternative strategies. We are working to contract with a partner that will ensure an effective awarding strategy that will maximize new student recruitment and contribute directly to enrollment, retention and revenue goals.

Positioned for Excellence, Alignment, and Knowledge (PEAK)

PEAK is a systemwide effort which seeks to provide improved, consistent, equitable, and cost-effective services across the university system and across the UMD campus. Leading this project for UMD is Jason Davis, who is currently engaged in conversation with system and campus leaders as well as those individuals directly affected, and their supervisors. 

UMD Brand and Value Proposition

This exciting project will examine how we promote UMD’s distinctions, define our value, and refine our brand marketing efforts across campus and within a competitive marketplace. Creative concepts will be tested in November. 

International Pathways

We continue to engage in initiatives to increase international enrollment. This is a longer-term strategy for the next few years. 

U of M System

We will continue to leverage resources and collaborations across the U of M System. This includes systemwide enrollment planning and cooperative academic ventures with other campuses.