Academic Program Array Analysis (APAA)

Academic program array analysis (APAA) is the planning and review initiative for undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

APAA is a quantitative and qualitative data-informed process designed to streamline and strengthen UMD’s academic program array. The APAA process is organized to include multiple layers of input and review. This analysis will consider enrollment and graduation trends along with the quality and relevance of our academic programs that meet changing demographics and regional workforce needs. While APAA is part of UMD’s budget and structural review plan, it is also part of our continuous improvement process.  

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APAA Process and Timeline

View an updated detailed timeline from December 2023 - Fall 2024

Fall 2023

September - early October: Departments analyze program data and prepare narratives
October 6: Departments analyses shared with the college
October 20: College analyses shared with the deans
October 31: COD retreat; Review of all program analyses
December: Campus wide review and discussion

Spring 2024

Dec-Jan: Review/consultation with executive leadership team, Council of Deans, Faculty Senate, Strategic Planning and Budget Committee, colleges

Jan-Feb: Program-specific feedback; departments drafting/updating program action plans

End of Feb: Review of action plans by deans, EVCAA

March-April: Continued action planning; Fall25 proposed curricular changes identified, 1st set of program changes submitted

April: FY25 budget compact meeting with system leadership

Mid May: Program action plans completed

Summer: Deans and EVCAA review action plans and provide feedback to department heads

Fall 2024: Complete the college curriculum review; submit further program changes